yorick_cover_kindlePoor Roberta. She’s aging, has lost everyone she’s ever loved, and now she lives out her sad, lonely days gorging on bad convenience store food and faded memories of happier times. She wants nothing more than to join her loved ones in the afterlife, but then a gruesome discovery along the banks of the Merrimack River changes everything. Roberta’s life takes a sinister turn, and she begins to believe that she’ll never be alone again. Is she spiraling into madness, or is she being manipulated by a power far beyond her understanding?

Yorick is a creepy tale about a lonely retiree who finds a new friend in an unexpected place. Critics have called this modern Gothic story the kind one reads for “chills and thrills,” and have likened it to the works of Edgar Allan Poe. It is certain to disturb and entertain.


5 STARS! “An unsettling horror novella that chronicles Roberta’s descent into utter madness. Written with rich, gruesome descriptions, it’s the kind of story you read for chills and thrills… Disturbing yet entertaining, somewhat reminiscent of reading the dark tales of Edgar Allen Poe… Creepy in all the right ways, Yorick is a highly enjoyable tale of grief, loneliness, and horrifying madness.” ~Zigzag Timeline.

5 STARS! “A well-crafted tale of the macabre… Vlad V. brings the characters to life and presents the wonderful unsettled feeling we look for in a good horror yarn. Fans of the work of Stephen King will love this eerie little book, and will never look at a muddy riverbank  the same way again.” ~Dale T. Phillips, author of Halls of Horror and Wendigo.

4 STARS! “If you are someone who enjoys horror, the creepy and the macabre, then I highly recommend that you read Yorick. It disturbed me terribly.” ~Book Maven’s Picks.

4 STARS! “Reminiscent of the best of the classic horror writers… Fans of the early works of Stephen King and the later works of Edgar Allan Poe will likely enjoy this. Despite being a horror novella, it is also a black comedy of sorts. Horror and humor is one of my favorite combinations and a difficult one to pull off, but Vaslyn gets it right. It’s well-developed, tightly plotted story… Yorick will most certainly entertain fans of the genre.” ~Fourth Street Review.

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Genre: Horror

Published October 2012

Publisher: Lucid Dream Press

90 pages; 22,000 words

ISBN: 9781480087941