The Insanity is Back! NEW RELEASE!

What would life be without a little insanity? The Storyside is releasing volume three of its Insanity Tales series, and I’m thrilled to have two short stories in this fantastic collection.

“Toon Time” is about a young boy who just can’t get enough of the latest app, but he soon discovers that too much screen time isn’t so good for the mind . . . 

“The Somethings” is a fast-paced thriller about a teenage girl trapped in a department store dressing room, while chaos erupts all around her. Is a gunman terrorizing shoppers? Is it a riot? Or is it something even more bizarre? She’d better move fast, because her life most certainly depends on it.

This collection of dark, thrilling fiction might be the best one yet, with each story examining some aspect of an insane situation.

GET A FREE STORY from this new collection when you sign-up for The Storyside’s monthly newsletter!

The free story is “A Bee” by Rob Smales, a creepy tale about an orphan girl who brings a strange secret into her loving new home. Watch out! This one really stings!


Step into the world of a brilliant grad student who creates a powerful new drug that pushes the imagination to its darkest edge.
Shudder with a woman who becomes lost in the catacombs beneath an ancient church, only to discover she’s not alone.
Feel the back of your neck tingle when an orphan brings a dangerous secret into her loving new home.
Cringe as a young boy is seduced by a sinister technology.
Cry out with two lovers who encounter a bizarre creature at a secluded beach.
The creators of Insanity Tales and Insanity Tales II: The Sense of Fear bring you ten new tales from the darkness itself . . .
“Delivers visceral dread and glee with superb craftsmanship. The subtle twists tease the boundary between sanity and nightmare in the best of ways. The finest reading I’ve had in a long time!” ~ Kathryn Mackel, author of The Hidden and Vanished, on Insanity Tales II


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