The 10 Best Words You Never Knew . . . But Should

There are roughly 980,000 words you don’t know. The average person only uses about 15,000–20,000 base words out of the 1,025,109 available options in the English language.

20,000 isn’t so bad, you might say.

Well, that estimate includes word families, and all inflected and derivative forms (run, runner, running, etc.), according to Maybe it’s not so impressive after all.

That means those nifty things we use to express complex ideas and our deepest emotions, enriching our lives in a multitude of ways, are barely a drop of in the verbal bucket of what might be. It’s like we’re in a linguistic Lamborghini but can’t get out of first gear.

Fear not! I’m here to help you merge from the linguistic slow lane to the middle lane . . . you’ll have to get to the fast lane on your own!


Read “The 10 Best Words You Never Knew . . . But Should” over at The Storyside!

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