How Peculiar is YOUR Family?

Is your family more peculiar

than the people in this book?


My Peculiar Family: Volume II is the second anthology of unusual tales that seeks to uncover the bizarre family history of Chyna Dale.
When Chyna discovers antique tintypes of family members she never knew existed, she becomes obsessed with uncovering their mysterious identities.
Why hasn’t she heard of them before? What were they like? Most of all, what can this hidden familial bloodline tell her about herself and her past?
Plagued by questions, Chyna soon discovers that the deeper into her history she goes, the more peculiar her family becomes.
Sixteen established and emerging writers who have been featured on the hit show Sci Fi Saturday Night have been united to explore the strange family history of Chyna Dale in this thrilling new collection of short stories.






Vlad Vaslyn is an author of Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy.
Vlad V. (a.k.a Vlad Vaslyn)

Thanks for taking the time to check me out! I really appreciate it.


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