20 Minutes With … Stacey Longo (Season #1 – Episode #1)

What do zombie skin care challenges and OCD have in common? They're both topics in 20 Minutes With ..., The Storyside's very first podcast! Join me and prize-winning author Stacey Longo as we talk about her thrilling and hilarious new mystery novel, My Sister the Zombie. The show airs the second Tuesday of every month at The Storyside!

The 10 Best Words You Never Knew . . . But Should

There are roughly 980,000 words you don’t know. The average person only uses about 15,000–20,000 base words out of the 1,025,109 available options in the English language. 20,000 isn’t so bad, you might say. Well, that estimate includes word families, and all inflected and derivative forms (run, runner, running, etc.), according to StreetSmartLearningLanguage.com. Maybe it’s not … Continue reading The 10 Best Words You Never Knew . . . But Should

We Made the Newspaper!

  Well, this was a nice thing to find in my inbox this morning! My writing/publishing group, The Storyside, has appeared in the Worcester Telegram:  "Storyside publishing collaborative helps authors get their stories told." For those of you who may not know, I joined forces with four other authors a few years back and created … Continue reading We Made the Newspaper!

7 Wacky Prompts to Crush Writer’s Block – Writing Tip

In order to overcome a recent bout of writer’s block, I sat down and brainstormed some weird ways to get my creative juices flowing again. I’d heard of some of them before, although I’d never tried them, and some I made up altogether. While they ended up being unexpected and downright weird, these seven writing … Continue reading 7 Wacky Prompts to Crush Writer’s Block – Writing Tip

Of Car Accidents & Writer’s Block

Plot lines bloom in the nebula of my head. I’ve drifted into a fictional world, and I’m lost in my own thoughts because I drive this way all the time. The highway signs and vehicles of morning rush hour pass in a haze of inattention while the radio plays classical, an appropriate soundtrack for combating … Continue reading Of Car Accidents & Writer’s Block